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How to make money on the day 200

Che Rong shook his head. “I don’t know. He was wearing a mask the entire time.”

“Eh?” Li Shi put down his teacup.

At first, he did not suspect anything. After all, there were many young people in Jingzhou with the surname Pei. The possibility of Boss Pei buying a house there was very low. It was most likely a coincidence.

However... He was wearing a mask during the hot summer?

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That was very problematic!

Li Shi remembered that Boss Pei really liked wearing masks, especially when he was “walking around in casual clothings”. He would wear a mask in order to avoid being recognized.

Could it be...?

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There was indeed a possibility even though Li Shi felt that this was unlikely.

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Suddenly, his gaze fell on the pile of materials beside Che Rong.

Wouldn’t he know who the buyer was after looking at the contract?

“Boss Che, do you mind showing me the contract?” Li Shi asked.

“Oh, sure. But Boss Li, why do you want to look at the contract?” Che Rong put down his teacup and handed the contract over.

Li Shi flipped it and fell silent.