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“Ugh, I think the “weird” part is extra…Yep, but thank you, Uehara-kun. I’ll be leaving then!”

“Alright, Amano, have fun!”

Uehara-kun padded my shoulder forcefully as he sent me to my way.

I gained a massive amount of courage from that, so I hastily chased after Tendou-san.

…My stomach ache disappeared when I didn’t even notice it.

The clubroom of the Game Club is on the 3rd floor of the passive club building renovated from the old part of the school after you passed the corridor from the main building.

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I walked up the stairs following Tendou-san as I grabbed the chest of my uniform tightly.

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“It’s okay, calm down, calm down…Nothing bad should happen…”

Basically, when Tendou-san and Mizumi-kun, who I’m familiar with is here, I should be guaranteed to receive a certain amount of welcoming. Moreover, if Kase-senpai and Nina-senpai really hated me, they should’ve stopped Tendou-san at the start.

So even I knew it the only reason that I’m freaking out is that I think things will go wrong, …but I can’t help it.

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During this time, Tendou-san suddenly called me from the front, so I looked up. Then, I nearly saw the scenery under her short skirt, so I immediately looked away.

“Uh, I think I’ve reacted similarly in the past…”

I’m Tendou-san’s boyfriend now, is it alright to keep the same attitude even when things were different? Being able to stare at my girlfriend’s skirt calmly from the bottom, that’s what a manly boyfriend should do-

“You’re welcome.”

“I think I shouldn’t do this once you said that!”