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Making money online knows Daquan

He doesn’t understand her behavior which was so easy to comprehend, or rather I don’t think he’s interested… the princess was the one I felt most sorry for, but….

“Oh, Sadiz, hey, Sadiz let’s play!!”

Little man runs up to me, who is supposed to be able to play with him at any time of day in a sense. The princess became sullen at such a figure…

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The princess caught Little man and pulled his hand. Then the princess glared at me…

“We’re going to play by ourselves! We don’t need some aunty!”

And I couldn’t help crying out.

“Sadiz is not my aunt!”

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“No, she’s an old lady, Earth! Because Sadiz is nine! That’s almost ten years old! Well, that’s what the maids said, oh, new something…. So, Sadiz is a new recruit!”

“Not true! Sadiz is a… fai… fair maiden.”

He said so in an embarrassingly bewildered manner, Little man at that time was too damned cute, I was already…

“Nooooo! She’s fa, she’s fa, fa!”

“Oh, hey, Phianse! Stop pulling!”

“Ancient Monster Sadiz Go Away! Bleh!”

The princess angrily took Little man by force, and made a rude facial gesture at me. [2]

To be honest, I’ve known the princess since she was a baby, and for me, it wasn’t without some little sisterly feelings.