How many kinds of money on the Internet

How many kinds of money on the Internet

Pei Qian had just completed the settlement yesterday. Today, he was filled with fighting spirit as he prepared to start the loss-making project for the next cycle.

Of course, the main reason was because he had been staying at home for a week during the Chinese New Year holiday. He had rested well and his Personal Wealth had reached a peak. That was why Pei Qian was so proactive.

Pei Qian planned to go to Otto Technologies today.

The previous Otto Technologies was mainly responsible for two main tasks: first, the new system of Otto Technologies’ cell phones, including better linear animation, photography algorithms of the imaging laboratory, AEEIS smart assistant, and so on. Second, it had a Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine which was selling well.

However, the results of Chang You’s previous work would definitely be satisfying to himself.

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One had to know that Otto Technologies had already made a popular cell phone brand, Otto E1. It was selling very well and had opened up a certain level of popularity.

This cell phone was a high-end positioning system from the beginning. That was why its success was so rare.

After all, most cell phone manufacturers had to slowly figure out the price, build up the materials, and build up their reputation if they wanted to reach the high-end. It might take a few more models or a few years before they could slowly establish the price level of the flagship model. What’s more, if there was a single problem in between, all of their previous efforts would be wasted.

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Otto Technologies, on the other hand, had been established as a high-end cell phone from the very beginning. It was equivalent to being born at the end of many cell phone brands.

It did not matter how much the sales volume was. They could make money anyway. As long as someone bought it, that would be enough!

It was impossible to expect more for a newly established cell phone brand.

Thus, Chang You was eager to improve and achieve greater success.

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Pei Qian was very clear about this as well. That was why he had been suppressing Chang You, making him work in the imaging laboratory and the system. He had released a new cell phone for an entire year.