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I thought that the conversation was really going somewhere, but she was just being rude again.

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“Even if that was the case, the sports clubs clearly don’t welcome any beginners, looking at how they’re showing off.”

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“They should be welcomed. The more the people they get, the more money the school gives them and so they’d be able to get more equipment.”

“That’s just using new members as a way to get money…”

“It’d be ideal to recruit a lot of new members, increase the budget, then get them to become ghost members. You need to be able to skillfully manipulate the rules in the world.”

“What a bad world… Your way of thinking is certainly strange.”

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“My name is Hashigaki, and I’m the captain of the archery club. I think there are a lot of students who find it old-fashioned and simple, but it is a really fun and fulfilling sport. We give all new students a warm welcome, so if you’re interested, please join.”

A girl wearing archery clothes started her introduction on the stage.

“Look, they seem to welcome beginners. How about you try joining? To make their budget bigger.”

“Joining a club for that reason is a definite no! Also, a sports club is a meeting place for riajuus. Without knowing anyone, it wouldn’t be fun at all and I’d probably leave in an instant.”

“Isn’t that way of thinking a result of your twisted personality?”

“Yup, absolutely. A sports club is definitely impossible.”

I wouldn’t even want to do a part-time job that is completely lax and requires little effort.

Furthermore, I would probably only join a club if it was easy to join, calm, and quiet.

“Tsu… !”

As the club representatives introduced their clubs one by one, Horikita suddenly tensed up. She was looking towards the stage, her face pale.

“What’s wrong?”