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Tengda was no longer the small, transparent company that it used to be. Many people had their eyes on it now.

If people found out that Tengda was only hiring rubbish workers and not outstanding talents, they might become suspicious of Tengda or Boss Pei’s motives.

Pei Qian could not allow people to become suspicious of his motives; much less suspect the presence of the System or the challenges it posed.

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“I have to think of an appropriate way to deal with this recruitment problem. Otherwise, there would be dangerous repercussions.”

Pei Qian thought about the fact that Tengda was now a large company.

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As his business expanded, he had to hire more and more employees. Pei Qian could not do whatever he wanted and personally select people to hire like he did before.

In other words, the HR staff would probably focus on looking for outstanding people.

Wouldn’t that mean that there would be more and more people stabbing Boss Pei in the back? Who could tolerate such a thing?! “I have to think of a way to only select the slackers.

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“Outstanding people can shine wherever they go. However, they would definitely stab me in the back once I hire them; I won’t be able to stop it. It wouldn’t be a waste of society’s resources even if I don’t hire them and allow them to shine in another company.

“At the same time, I would attract too much attention if I hire rubbish employees. Particularly stupid people might even cause scandals. That wouldn’t match Tengda’s low-profile. I should avoid hiring them, too.

“That means I need to find a way to recruit mediocre applicants. Slackers like Old Ma would be the best; they would do whatever their superiors tell them to do. As long as I point them in the wrong direction, they would be sure to incur losses for me.

“Yes, that’s right. I need to shortlist the slackers!”

Pei Qian quickly thought of a strategy.

Half an hour later, he called Assistant Xin in once again.

“Publish an official notice to tell everyone that Tengda has no plans for large-scale recruitment at the moment. Tell the human resources department to store the talents’ resumes somewhere. We’ll look at them in the future.