What is more money to sell in children?

What is more money to sell in children?

Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games should also be shocked, but he was still counting on their normal operations to burn money for this cycle so he could only spare them.

The choice for Tengda Cornerstone Award gave Pei Qian a headache as well.

Fish-Catching Take-Out would have undoubtedly gotten the award if they had lost money up till now, but they had already betrayed him so they were not eligible for this award.

The other departments that Pei Qian had high hopes for include the Deposit Fitness gym, Sloth Apartments, etc. They all basically had problems now and could only kiss this ‘last place reward’ goodbye.

Upwind Logistics had gotten it once; it was impossible to give them repeatedly, right?

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Pei Qian finally decided to give this prize to Otto Technologies after some thought.

Otto Technologies might not have done anything, but they had only spent money without production. That in itself was a merit.

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It would be a waste not to give the reward. Find the best fitting one and make do with it.

Pei Qian handed over the commendation to Assistant Xin after he was arranged and then began to think about the new game.

This cycle only had four months, which was totally not enough for a well-made RTS game.

Not to mention CG, it was simply not enough.

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Therefore, Pei Qian thought about dragging this game to the next cycle and spent more money.