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"Normally my policy is to not show it to men. But this is a one-time service".

Kouenji then took the towel beside him in hand, wrapped it around his waist as though to hide his weapon and stood up.

And then he slowly got out of the bathtub.

"Y-You're finally up to the challenge, Kouenji?".

The confrontation took place between the ultimate eccentric and the alpha.

"The outcome is something I can tell from the start though. I'll have everyone here be living witnesses".

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Kouenji made a pose while removing the towel veiling him.

In that instant, a dazzling light filled my eyes.

A sword covered by the blonde mane of a lion.

No, it's too big to be called a sword.

I could hear Albert whisper softly beside me.

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『Oh my God』

"And with this I have proved once and for all that my existence is a perfect one".

The boys who were used as living witnesses could not even make a sound.

"Are you really even human?".