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「Grovel – 〈Cajon King〉!」

「Devour, mou – 〈Grand Eater〉!」

「Slumber in midwinter – 〈Permafrost〉!」

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The『pressure』of hopelessness bore down on No.18.

In front of a spectacle, where an ordinary swordsman would faint – He messaged his prided handlebar moustache.

「I see… All three of you are soul dress users?」

No-18 widened his eyes momentarily,

「For Allen-dono, who has not yet been able to handle his oversized power… you three might have been a little too much to handle.」

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No-18 was very calm, there was composure on his face.

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「Hey! I wonder what kind of sound you make when you cry!?」

「Die cleanly, mou… If you spurt out blood, I’ll beat you to death, mou…」

「At the very least, I’ll grant you a quick painless death.」

Three female swordsmen wielded their soul dress, and the curtain opened on the battle to the death.

A mere one minute later.


「What… even… mou…」

「N-No way…!?」